The Reporting and Medical Records program provides “live time” information and 24/7 access; while maintaining secure, flexible and HIPAA compliant access. Secure access includes mobile devices.

Employer Support Services provides the employer access with no investment or additional costs. The employer requirements to utilize the program is a full-service client of Holland Medi Center and internet access.

Records & Reporting
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To learn more or enroll, contact the Holland Medi Center;
616-392-5222 or

Visit Results

This “live time” system provides notification to the employer that visit results are available. This process is during the check-out procedure which provides the employer necessary information to manage the employee, or make decisions on a potential employee.

Worker Compensation Dictation

In as little as 24 hours, the treating Practitioner’s dictation is available. Once again, the employer is notified of available information. With 24/7 access, employers have the flexibility to view as it meets their needs.

The dictation includes detailed patient history. The history includes pertinent demographics and occupational history. Details of present illness, as well as attention to causal relationship are utilized to determine work relatedness.


Information access is available anywhere an employer can connect to the internet. The program also allows for multiple users within an organization, while limiting medical information access by user. The choice in determining users and level of access is the employers.

Customer Support

Customer support is available during business hours.
A Reporting and Records Management professional will establish an account, navigate the site with you and address any technical issues. Employers will experience unparalleled support to maximize the use of this valuable tool.


Record access is available 24/7 to fit the employer’s needs.