OnSite Services
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OnSite Occupational Services

A division of Holland Medi Center

OnSite Services Provide a Measurable Return on Investment.

Audiogram Service - CAOCH

  • Baseline and Annual testing are performed simultaneously.
  • Certified Audio Technicians (CAOHC) perform testing.
  • InFacility Testing accommodate from 2 to 4 employees testing at the same time.
  • Audio Trailer accommodates 2 employees testing at the same time. (April – October service).

Respiratory Services

  • Medical History Evaluation: Medical Clearance.
  • Pulmonary Function Testing (PFT).
  • Fit Testing.

Drug and Alcohol Testing – DOT and non-DOT

All testing is performed by DOT certified Technician

Drug Testing

  • Rapid Test (urine) – multiple panels available to meet your company testing policy.
  • Non-Negative results are confirmed though a certified (SAMHSA) laboratory.
  • In-house Medical Review Officer (MRO) service is available.
  • Collection (urine) – DOT and non-DOT.
  • Oral Fluid (swab) – Full service (collection, lab, MRO) and “collection only” service.
  • Hair Follicle – Full service (collection, lab, MRO) and “collection only” service.


  • Breath Alcohol Test (BAT/EBT) – DOT and non-DOT.
  • ETG Lab Test (urine) – Full service (collection, lab, MRO) and “collection only” service.

Vision Testing

  • Jaeger Visual Acuity – I/e: quality inspectors, welders, close vision positions.
  • Ishihara Color Deficiency – I/e: welding, electrician, police/fire, engineer, driver, etc.
  • Amsler Grid Test i/e: laser operators – baseline and medical surveillance
  • Snellen Chart: Basic vision “distance acuity” chart

Vaccine and Titer

  • Tb
  • Hep. B – Vaccine Series and Titer.
  • Hep. A, C & MMR – Titer only.
  • Tdap

Medical Surveillance

  • Collections and labs are performed prior to medical surveillance practitioner visit.
  • Services: baseline, periodic, monitoring, follow-up & for exit exams.
  • Type: silica, chromium, heavy metals, lead, asbestos”