Health Services

Inclusive services for occupational health

Holland Medi Center provides Occupational Medicine, Industrial Medicine, regulated services (DOT/OSHA) and Worker Compensation injury care.

Injury Services

Injury care and management
Workers compensation
Injury treatment

Specializing in injury diagnosis, treatment, and management.

OnSite Services

On-Site Division

Regulated and non-regulated services performed at your facility.
Program Overview

Clinic Visit

Holland Medi Center professionals welcome you to visit our inclusive medical facility.

Experience an educated discussion pertaining to your business and meet the professionals who are dedicated to occupational medicine.

Employer Facility Visit

Holland Medi Center professionals provide job site analysis with focus on prevention of injuries, custom services and return to work programs.

The professionals offer their knowledge in ergonomics, operation and host understanding of both regulatory compliances, and federally regulated programs. This approach results in cost effective solutions while working closely with the employer.