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Reporting & Records Management

The Reporting and Medical Records program provides “live time” information and 24/7 access; while maintaining secure, flexible and HIPAA compliant data base access.    Employer Support Service’s hosts the security, which provides the employer access with no investment or addition costs.  The employer requirement is simply internet access.

Visit Results
This “live time” system provides notification to the employer that visit results are available.  The process is during the check-out procedure to provide necessary information to manage the employee or make decisions on a potential employee.

Worker Compensation Dictation
In as little as 16-24 hours, the treating Practitioner’s dictation is available.  Once again, the employer is notified of available information and they have the choice to access when it meets their needs.

The dictation includes detailed patient history, including pertinent demographics, past medical history and occupational history.  History of present illness and particular attention to causal relationship are utilized to determine work relatedness. 

Record access is available 24/7 to fit the employer’s schedule.  This user friendly program allows for printing or a cut/paste program to share information with other personnel.   

Information access is available anywhere an employer can connect to the internet.  The program also allows for multiple users with-in an organization, while limiting medical information access by user.  The choice in determining users and their accesses is the employers. 

All time sensitive visits are supported with employer notification.  In an effort to help employers remain compliant, the notifications are sent 30 days in advance of due date.  This program addresses annual exams, bi-annual exams and all other time sensitive services.

To learn more about this employer sensitive program or begin to utilize the service, contact the Holland Medi Center; 616.392-5222 or Email at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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